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Amazing Quiz Challenge

Engage your brain. Excite your mind. Challenge your friends.

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It’s no secret that a good, regular dose of quizzical entertainment can do wonders for your mind and help keep it in top shape. AMAZING QUIZ CHALLENGE will reward you on every page with plenty of insights and light-bulb moments. See how smart you are by having a go at the fascinating ‘true or false' questions. Perfect for everyone who enjoys using and improving their mind. Then, why not strain your brain a bit further and try your hand at:  multiple choice • Q&A • match-ups • boxed bonus questions?
Don’t worry if you start off slow with all good workouts, you’ll soon warm up! Plus, all the answers are tucked away at the end of every chapter … just in case you really can’t get it!

  • More than 8000 brain-teasing questions to keep you guessing!
  • Improve your knowledge
  • Test your memory
  • Exercise your brain
  • Spend a great night in

Can you remember how many dots there are on a pair of dice? Who has won the most Grand Slam titles? What is the colour of a polar bear’s skin?
It doesn’t take a brainiac to work out that the more you ‘workout’ with your brain, the fitter it becomes. With AMAZING QUIZ CHALLENGE, not only will you have loads of fun and impress friends and family, but you can help improve your knowledge, enhance your powers of recall, and awaken your creativity!

Hardcover • 276mm x 213mm • 352 pages

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