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Payment & Billing

Please Note: All orders subject to acceptance by Reader's Digest.


For Credit Card Payments

At Reader's Digest, we are committed to provide our customers with a convenient, fast, easy and secure online shopping experience. Customers will need to pay online by providing their credit card details. Credit Card Processing Time: Allow up to 7 days for your credit card to be debited.


We do accept payment from the following major credit cards:



At Reader's Digest, your security is a priority. We are committed to provide a secure online payment solution for all our customers and that is why every Credit Card transaction processed by us is encrypted using 128 bit SSL encryption and submitted for authorisation under a second layer of similar encryption through our Virtual Private Network (VPN). We utilise Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) to further enhance this security by automatically upgrading the encryption certificate to 128 bits, irrespective of the level of crypto supported by your own operating system.



For Reader's Digest Account Holders:
We offer a variety of payment options. Online Internet Payments: Save time by paying online, 24 hours a day - go to and click on Pay Your Bill, then follow the on-screen directions.



Payments by BPAY®
Contact your participating financial institution, by telephone or internet, to make this payment directly from your savings, cheque or credit card account. Available 24 hours a day. You will find your BPAY Biller Code and BPAY Customer Service Reference Number on the front of your invoice.




Payments by POSTbillpay™
Pay at your local post office using your invoice. A processing fee of $1.85 applies.


Payments by Mail, Cheque or Money Order Payments by Mail
Write your account number on the back of the Cheque or Money Order and make payable to Reader's Digest. Send to:


Reader's Digest Direct Payments
PO Box 3548


Please ensure that you clearly state the item for which you are paying, together with your name and address and any other details which may assist in processing your payment.


Thanks and Happy Shopping!

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