A Touch of Frost - Series Four DVD Box Set

He doesn't play by the rules.

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David Jason stars as unconventional policeman Detective Inspector Jack Frost, whose arrogance and indifference to orthodox police procedures masks a keen sense of observation and a dedication to solving crime. Based on the books by R.D. Wingfield, each feature length episode shows Frost unravelling complex cases with his special touch of sharp instinct, dogged determination and compassion.

Paying The Price - A mysterious and ruthless kidnapper holds an innocent woman’s life to ransom. His escalating demands test everyone’s limits and even Frost finds it difficult to keep cool under the pressure as time runs out for the innocent victim.

Unknown Soldiers - Frost is held at gunpoint by a drugs dealer, a security van is robbed by a shotgun-wielding gang and a young soldier is shot dead on an army exercise. Frost tries to find any links between the three incidents and stirs up serious hostility at the army camp.

The Things We Do For Love - The savage murder of a young physiotherapist sends Frost in pursuit. The prime suspect is a pillar of the church, but Frost’s conviction that he is the killer is refuted by a water-tight alibi. What will it take to bring the truth to light?

Fun Times For Swingers - A woman commits suicide by throwing herself naked from the roof of Denton Church. Frost connects her death with the later death of a gigolo and discovers that the dead man had dubious and disturbing business with several women in Denton.

Deep Waters - Frost pursues a confession from two suspects after a vicious knife attack, but an adversarial solicitor points out that justice has to be done despite Frost’s instincts. That aside, can he trust his hunch about a mysterious assailant at the local university?


5 DVDs •  Running time 510 mins • Rated M

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